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Abbott Label is your one-stop-shop for all of your label needs. As one of the largest wholesale label manufacturers in the U.S., we offer a variety of capabilities including digital label printing and packaging, flexo printed labels and tabs, and more! Check out our custom label printing capabilities and see how we hold the best service of any wholesale label company in the country.

Is our motto and what we call The Abbott Way. We built our wholesale label manufacturer business on sound principles like honesty, loyalty, and integrity. Doing business The Abbott Way means delivering the highest quality in our services such as custom label printing and valuing our relationships with our clients, employees, and vendors. Learn more about how we’ve kept these principles ingrained in our history over the last 40 years.

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“Because of the great service you provide and the good quality and great service your digital plant provides, Abbott is my first choice for digital labels.”

Keith B., Empire Label

“Thanks for your attention and follow up. Seems good follow up is a rare trait these days, and you do an excellent job of it.”

Rick Owens, RJM Digital Solutions Plus

“In my experience, Abbott’s quality has always been top notch.”

Jared Emery, SCS

“Thank you to the Abbott team for all the outstanding work and service that they provide. I always get my question answered right away and they all go above and beyond to make sure my product is what I need.”


“I have a lot of trust in Abbott Label. If you’re looking for a great vendor, these guys are it.”

Michael Bartlage, Consolidated Design

If you have any questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Direct Thermal V.S. Thermal Transfer: Which is Best For Your Application?

Direct Thermal Ideal for short-term, high-volume jobs No ink, ribbon, or toners needed Cost effective Black print only—great for shipping labels Label may fade over time (heat/sunlight exposure) Can...
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5 Key Features of Tamper-Evident Labels

The 5 Key Features of Tamper-Evident Labels Product counterfeiting, theft, and tampering are persistent problems facing many companies across a multitude of industries. As a result, the ever-increasing demand...
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Abbott Label Printing Custom Product Labels In Chicago

NOW PROVIDING 4 COLOR PROCESS IN ILLINOIS Abbott Label is proud to announce a new printing capability for our Chicago, Illinois manufacturing facility. Starting on the first week of...
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Label Trends: Food Safety Labeling

Over the past 20 years, Abbott Label has built a strong name in the food labeling market. From large runs for customers representing major brands to small craft items sold at...
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5 Key Questions To Ask When Quoting Labels

The 5 Key Questions to Ask When Quoting Labels Are you wanting to expand your product offering with a high profit consumable item? If so, labels are what you’re...
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PPG TESLIN® BS-5609 Certified Label Stock: A Durable and Secure Solution for GHS-Compliant Chemical Labeling Applications

PPG TESLIN® BS-5609 Certified Label Stock: A Durable and Secure Solution for GHS-Compliant Chemical Labeling Applications Chemical, coating and petroleum manufactures around the globe have invested significant resources into...
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